My name is Nadia J and I am a Masters of Education Candidate, working under
the supervision of Dr. Lance McCready in the Department of LHAE, Adult Education and Community Development program at OISE in Toronto, Canada. I am currently investigating the sexual health knowledge and access to resources of Muslim Young Adults in the Greater
Toronto Area for my independent research project. If you are eligible for my study I would kindly ask you to consider participating in my project or forwarding the information to others you think would be interested in participating.
There is currently minimal research on Muslim Young Adults in North America,
specifically in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on their sexual health knowledge, resources, beliefs and ability to access appropriate services and my hope is that this project will contribute to this limited knowledge. Your help in this humble effort would
be appreciated.
Participation in this project involves completing a 20 minute online survey.
There are questions that are related to sex and sexual health but responses will be completely anonymous and any information that could identify you is kept separate and cannot be matched to your responses. The survey is hosted on Survey Monkey.
To be eligible to participate one has to be Muslim or was previously Muslim,
live in the GTA and be between the ages of 18 and 35. Participants will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win a $40 gift card. If you are eligible for the survey and interested please follow the link. Thank you!
If you are eligible but would rather fill out the survey in paper form instead
of online then please email me at The paper survey will be mailed to you.
All of your responses to the survey are anonymous and are seen only by the researcher and her research supervisor, unattached to your draw entry
information in the raffle. The research supervisor will receive a summary of the findings based on group (not individual) data.
MYA Sexual Health Knowledge Survey
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