Umm Reem, the author of the article “The Reality of Sex Education in Public Schools,” contends that Muslim parents should be wary of the sex education curriculum in the American public school system, and claims that it is not merely biology lessons, but rather, a value-laden program correlated with an increase in promiscuity, teen pregnancies and STIs, and homosexuality in society. She contends that sex-ed curricula in the US are based on three organizations: Advocates for Youth, SIECUS, and Planned Parenthood.This claim in and of itself is inaccurate, as there is no standard of sex education curricula in the US, leading to hundreds of sex education programs throughout America, ranging from inaccurate, biology-limited curriculum to abstinence only curriculum, to comprehensive sex curriculum. As a public health professional, I maintain that the empirical data does not support Umm Reem’s claims, and in fact, she is gravely mistaken. Her unfounded claims and the platform they are given are doing a serious disservice to the rising generation of American Muslim youth in America.

Source: How best to teach American Muslim youth about sexuality? – altM