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Sobia Ali-Faisal’s Denyning Children Sexual Education is Risky

Sobia Ali-Faisal’s Sexual Education in Ontario

Buzzfeed’s 34 GIFs That Sum Up Your First Sexual Experience



Eren is a Binnizá-Mexican convert to Islam. She is trying really hard to finish the MA dissertation focusing on policies addressing sexual violence in development programming in the Third World. Eren’s blogIdentity Crisis focuses on her multiple identities and her attempts to reconcile them when they are at odds with each other. She currently also blogs at Muslimah Media Watch, Ishqr and Love InshAllah. When she is not writing, Eren can be found baking, traveling, chilling with her cat Sugar and trying to figure out dating, love and relationships. Follow her at @ErenArruna.


Steph is an Acadian/French-Canadian convert to Islam. Daughter of a Catholic mother and two agnostic gay dads. She is a strong advocate for human rights, especially for the LGBTI community. She blogs discussing her journey through Islam, vlogging various hijab styles on YouTube and, most recently has been writing “Queer Spawned”  a blog series about growing up in the LGBTI community You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr under “LoveGodDiversity” or follow her[1]