Comedian Shazia Mirza: ‘Girls are running to ISIS for sex, not Islam’


The Muslim comic tells Bridget Galton about her new show, The Kardashians Made Me Do It, and how it’s already been censored by the Tricycle Theatre.

It was the flight of three Muslim schoolgirls from Bethnal Green to join ISIS that gave Shazia Mirza the subject of her latest show.

And when the Tricycle Theatre banned her from calling it ‘The Road to al Baghdadi’, she had additional material for a comedy act that has Jihadi brides, liberal leftism and censorship in its highly topical sights.

The Muswell Hill comedian says the re-titled The Kardashians Made Me Do It was inspired by a news item on CNN.

“I was in New York with an old schoolfriend and those girls came on TV. That was us, we are from the same Bangladeshi background with a similar upbringing – mine was probably stricter – and my friend said: “We would never have done that!”

“Isis weren’t around then and we rebelled in other ways, but I just knew it had nothing to do with religion and I had to talk about it.”

Mirza was outraged when the Kilburn venue asked her to drop the ISIS leader’s name from the title.

“They said ‘it will end up in the news cycle, Isis will see it and we could get into trouble’.